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Discover powerful relaxation and recovery with flotation therapy in our spacious float cabins. Enhance your experience by adding a hydro massage and a far infrared sauna session.

Floating is an experience unlike anything else

During your first time floating, you’ll start to become familiar with the unique environment of floating effortlessly in water that’s super-saturated with epsom salt and free from any sensory input or effects of gravity. When you settle in, it can provide some of the deepest relaxation and other benefits beyond your expectations.
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Calm Your Mind

Floating helps to reduce stress, heighten your senses, while boosting productivity and creativity through an environment free from any sensory input.

Balance Your Body

The anti-gravity effects of flotation therapy gives a unique opportunity for decompression, deep relaxation and relief for chronic pain or injuries.

Boost Your Mood

Feel the post-float glow long after your session along with increased energy and less stress and anxiety. The benefits only get better with consistent practice!

Get Back In Harmony

Often compared to the feeling of being back in the womb, floating helps bring everything back in sync to improve immune function, sleep, and healing.

Deepen Practices

In Meditation & Yoga

Boost Performance

For Athletes & Fitness

Improve Productivity

In Your Life & Work

Relief & Connection

During Your Pregnancy

Enhance your experience

By adding these before or after your float

Hydro Massage

Hydro massage pairs all the benefits of traditional massage with those of hydrotherapy for a relaxing, restorative experience to add to your float.

Infrared Sauna

Infrared saunas are an effective tool for natural healing and prevention, while being the perfect pairing for before or after your float session.

Wow! Glorious, peaceful and THE ultimate relaxation treat. Haven’t felt this relaxed for YEARS! Thanks, Light Side Floats! I can’t wait for my next float.

Debbie B.Facebook

Had my first, amazing hydro massage & float yesterday! Words really cannot describe the euphoric, peaceful feeling the experience leaves with you, which I am still feeling almost 24 hours post float! If you haven't tried it, please do and give yourself this amazing gift ~ Very much looking forward to the next time!

Paula F.Review on Facebook

I can't get enough great things about this place!! Been twice in a month, and I can this is the best I have felt in a year. Recently had acdf cervical surgery and I have instability of my collarbone, whenever my collarbone pops out of place, I come here. I am not kidding when I say it eases the bone back into my sternum. I love love love love Light Side Floats!!!

Robin U.Review on Google

The best most relaxing thing I've ever done! I'm going to become a member so I can go at least once a month!

Stephanie F.Review on Facebook

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