Compounding benefits and perks

Regular floating increases the benefits for your mind and body, join the club for our best pricing and additional incentives for members.

What is it?

Join the Float Club

Once you’ve completed your first few floats, Float Club is the best way to stay consistent with your practice to maintain and compound the benefits you get. You’ll get the best price on floats for you and your friends (through our gift cards) plus some added perks. Float once a month, every week, or more? It’s time to join the club!

I walked out of my very first session as relaxed as I can ever recall being. I booked 2 more sessions the next day.

Greg S.Review on Google

Such a great experience! Total relaxation is a welcome relief. I will make this a regular occurrence!

Chery S.Review on Facebook

Float Club or Wellness Package, which plan is right for you?

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Benefits of consistent Floating

Fully relieve your body and mind for 60 minutes


With consistent floating, you will maintain a more relaxed state over time and feel less stress between each session.

Pain Relief

Stay on top of the pain before it’s able to come back in full with regular float sessions that help bring relief.

Boosting Immunity

Reducing the amount of cortisol and stress over a longer period of time helps continue building your immune system and restoring your body back to full health.

Faster Recovery

Allowing your body more time to relax in this unique space opens up the opportunity to work on healing injuries and chronic conditions, especially by helping everything to get back into alignment.


The benefits of regular meditation, include gaining a greater sense of self awareness, lengthening attention span, and helping to fight addictions.

Improved Sleep

More rest on a consistent basis can do wonders for your mood, energy and effectiveness across work and all the demands of life.

Boost Energy

You may start to sense a more consistent, greater well of energy that you can tap into each day – without getting tired or needing as much caffeine.

Improve Focus

As your attention span grows and now that your mind is getting the proper rest it needs regularly, you may find it much easier to focus and get everything done each day.

Welcome to the Club!

Free Birthday Float

Massage and Sauna Discounts

Discounted Gift Cards

Float Club


  • Includes one 60 minute float
  • Additional floats $50 (reg. $79)
  • Save $10 on 30 min. saunas (reg. $35)
  • Save $5 on 15 min. massages (reg. $10)
No Commitment!
Wellness Package


One time payment
  • Includes twelve 60 minute floats & twelve 30 minute saunas
  • Total Saving of $868!
  • Complete all floats in 2020 to receive a reward
No Refunds! Non-shareable!

Frequently asked questions

About the Club

Can I share my club floats with others?

No. You can buy them floats by getting a gift card at your discounted rate though!

How many floats do I get?

You get one float included in the price per month and can buy as many additional floats for yourself as you’d like at the discounted rate of $50 per float.

How long are the floats?

All of our floats are 60 minutes long.

Do the float credits expire?

No, as long as you’re an active Float Club member, all float credits roll over and can be used at a later date. If you take a vacation or can’t make it one month, don’t stress about it – you can come in next when it makes sense for you.

Is there any commitment or cancellation policy?

No commitment! Float Club is month-to-month and can be cancelled anytime after the first 30 days. We aren’t locking you in for any set amount of time, however it’s not meant to be used for a single, one-time float so you will end up paying our full price if it’s used for that purpose with a $29 cancellation fee.

Float Club Membership is paid by monthly automatic payment (credit card or debit card). Monthly membership will automatically renew each month based on the billing date established at the time of enrollment.

Wellness Package

What if I'm already enrolled in Float Club?

You’re automatically enrolled in the campaign and can track your floats throughout the year. As long as you complete 12 or more within 2020, you will receive the reward!

You can also transfer over to the annual pre-payment if you’d prefer to get the extra $520 savings and value with the sauna. We will pause your monthly membership during this one-year period and resume it after the year is complete (or when you complete your 12 floats if you do it sooner).

Do I need to complete one float every month? What if I miss one or start later in the year?

As long as you complete 12 or more floats within 2020, it doesn’t matter when you do them. Our goal is to encourage you to build a consistent practice and experience the compounding, long term benefits for yourself — hopefully along with a larger goal or intention for the year.

If you start later in the year, you can simply catch up with multiple floats in one month or however works for you.

What happens if I complete my floats earlier?

Keep up your practice! Everyone will receive their rewards at the beginning of 2021 once we finish the tally. A nice little holiday gift from us for your efforts in the year.

Is there any commitment or cancellation policy?

The regular terms apply for Float Club monthly membership, being month-to-month and can be cancelled anytime after the first 30 days. See full terms above or give us a call with any questions.

If you purchase the Wellness Package, there are no refunds and the floats or credits cannot be shared or transferred. This campaign and pricing option is meant to help you commit to making a practice of floating and self care to support you in your goals.

Call us at 301-927-1747 if you have more questions!

The best most relaxing thing I've ever done! I'm going to become a member so I can go at least once a month!

Stephanie F.Review on Facebook

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