Experience the deepest relaxation

Flotation Therapy is one of the best possible ways to heal the mind and body from the constant stresses of daily life.

What is it?

Flotation Therapy

A float cabin is essentially the perfect bath tub. They vary in size, but the typical tank is 8′ long and 4.5′ wide. Air is allowed to freely flow in and out, and the door never locks or latches.

It holds about 10″ of water, which is saturated with 800 pounds of Epsom salt. This creates a solution more buoyant than the Dead Sea, and you float on your back about half in and half out of the water.

The water itself is kept at the average skin temperature (93.5° F), which allows you to lose track of your body. The cabin is sound proof and, when you turn off the light, completely dark.

No gravity, no touch, no sight, and no sound. Just pure nothing.

People float to relieve stress, recover from injuries, fight addiction, eliminate chronic pain, and much more. Studies indicate that floating increases your dopamine and endorphin levels, boosting your mood and leaving you with a pleasant afterglow that lasts for days afterwards.

Without the need to fight gravity or take-in external information, you’ll likely experience the most complete relaxation you’ve ever felt.

Benefits of Floating

Fully relieve your body and mind for 60 minutes


Sensory deprivation suppresses your fight-or-flight response and adrenaline from the sympathetic nervous system, allowing the parasympathetic to trigger relaxation, healing, and decreased heart rate.

Pain Relief

People suffering from arthritis, back or neck pain, inflammation, bursitis, and other chronic pain conditions have experienced documented relief from their symptoms with frequent floating, even after their first session.

Boosting Immunity

High levels of cortisol and stress suppress the immune system. When stress is reduced, the natural functions of your body’s systems – including the immune, digestive, and reproductive – can be restored.

Faster Recovery

Floating increases circulation to muscles and extremities, which improves healing capabilities, even for those with chronic conditions. Metabolic byproducts are removed from your system, helping decrease the chances of adrenal fatigue.


Because all sight, sound, and touch is removed while in the float cabin, it’s common to enter a meditative state, even for inexperienced meditators. Mental stillness creates a heightened state of being – fully awake and relaxed.

Improved Sleep

The state of relaxation created by floating can contribute to a better night’s sleep following a float. In addition, one hour in the cabin provides the rest and restorative properties of up to four hours of deep sleep.

Boost Energy

Similar to a great, deep sleep – an hour floating where your mind and body are able to fully relax will allow your energy to be restored and recharged. You will feel calm, centred and full of vitality.

Improve Focus

Your mind gets a true break from all the distractions of our modern world. This state of mind increases creativity and awareness, creating a calming, peaceful effect that can last for hours after a float and help improve focus through the week.

Before your float session

Your float experience will begin as you are welcomed into our facility by one of our friendly, helpful floatistas. If you have not already filled out our online waiver, you will be asked to complete it before using any of the services at our facility.

Once you’re shown to your float suite, turned off your cell phone and locked the door, you’ll take a quick shower to remove any body oil, perfume or cologne, lotion, or styling products that may be on your skin or hair. We provide organic, fragrance-free shampoo and body wash that was chosen to be the safest for our float cabins and our guests. We provide necessities you may need such as towels, earplugs, makeup removal wipes, cotton swabs, and petroleum jelly to cover any cuts, scrapes, or sensitive areas you may have.

After your shower, step into the float cabin. Hold on to the grab bar to steady yourself. Sit down as if you were entering a bathtub, then lay back, allowing the dense salt water to hold you.

Turn off the lights when you are ready and turn on/off the underwater music if you wish. Stretch out and relax, letting the tension flow out of your body. You may fall asleep during your float – that’s OK! The water is so salty that you won’t sink, even if you’re asleep.

If you need to get out for any reason before your float time is up, carefully exit the float cabin and rinse off to remove the salt from your skin and hair.

When your float time is up, the room light will turn on. We thoroughly respect your privacy and will not enter the float cabin unless there is a true emergency. Step out, shower, and get back into your clothes. You can then proceed to our Primp & Grooming Room to dry and style your hair, reapply makeup, and otherwise prepare to go back into the world.

Once you are ready, take some time to relax in our Whisper Lounge. We provide comfortable seating, a variety of tea, and reading material so you can enjoy your post-float glow before returning to the daily grind. Exercise your creativity with one of our coloring sheets, or unroll a yoga mat for some post-float stretching. Share your experience with us and others in our float journal – we love reading about your floats!

First float experience today. Wow! Glorious, peaceful and THE ultimate relaxation treat. Haven’t felt this relaxed for YEARS! Thanks, Light Side Floats! I can’t wait for my next float.

Debbie B.Facebook

After 9.5 months post-op Cervical ACDF surgery, I was almost to point of giving up to find relief for my neck, collarbone and shoulder pain. After my first appointment, I AM HOOKED! I am so pleased with the way I felt when leaving, I am already looking forward to booking my next appointment! Thank you Light Side Floats!

Robin U.Facebook

It is highly recommended that you float at least 3 times to adjust to the flotation environment and experience the full benefits of flotation R.E.S.T. therapy. While many people have a great first float, in the long run, your float sessions deepen with repeated experience.


How do you float?

Don’t Forget!

Sign our digital waiver before your first float session

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Frequently asked questions

Your first float

Do I need to do anything to prepare for my float?

There are a few things that can make your floating experience a little more pleasant:

  • Do not shave or wax any area of your body before your float. The salt can cause an unpleasant stinging sensation that can last for a few minutes.
  • Avoid caffeinated beverages for several hours before a scheduled float. Caffeine can make you jittery and prevent you from fully relaxing.
  • Do eat a light meal 60 to 90 minutes before you float. This will keep your stomach from growling and disrupting your relaxation.

Do I need to bring anything?

Bring a comb and/or brush and a hair tie if you have long hair. If you wear contact lenses, bring a case and your solution.

We provide all the necessities – towels, earplugs, unscented shampoo/body wash, hair dryers, makeup remover wipes. You may bring your own leave-in conditioner and styling products to be applied in the Primp & Grooming Room following your float.

What do I wear while I'm floating?

Nothing! Bathing suits create pressure points on your body, which can detract from the sensory deprivation experience. Each of our private float suites has its own changing area, shower, and float cabin. Think of our float suites as you would a hotel room. Would you wear a bathing suit in a hotel room shower?

How do you clean the tanks?

The high concentration of Epsom salt creates an inhospitable environment for bacteria. Our advanced filtration systems also run for a minimum of 20 minutes between appointments, filtering the water seven times before the next person steps in. The float cabin water is ozonated to eliminate any micro-organisms, keeping the water clean and clear.

Why do you insist I use the shampoo and body wash you provide?

The shampoo and body wash we provide has been carefully chosen because it is unscented, organic, and won’t affect the pH levels of the solution in the float tub. Though you may love your Strawberries & Cream or Woodland Forest products, the person floating in the suite after you may not enjoy it as much. Many of our guests have fragrance allergies, and we want to make our float cabins as welcoming to all our guests as possible.

The shampoo/body wash used in our facility is unscented, natural and organic with pure botanical extracts. Cruelty free, paraben free, polysorbate free, disodium EDTA free, gluten free, and non-GMO verified. The ingredients are: Purified water, cocamidopropyl hydroxysultaine, sodium coco-sulfate, caprylyl/capryl glucoside, sodium chloride, coco-glucoside, panthenol, EO organic herbal blend [organic aloe barbadensis leaf, organic chamomilla recutita (matricaria) flower extract, organic calendula officinalis flower extract and organic camelia sinensis leaf extract], citric acid, sodium phytate, phenoxyethanol, benzyl alcohol, potassium sorbate, lavandula hybrida oil, tocopherol.  

You’re welcome to bring your own leave-in conditioner or hair styling products to apply in the Primp & Grooming Room after your float.

What shampoo and body wash do you use (ingredients)?

The shampoo/body wash used in our facility is unscented, natural and organic with pure botanical extracts. Cruelty free, paraben free, polysorbate free, disodium EDTA free, gluten free, and non-GMO verified. The ingredients are: Purified water, cocamidopropyl hydroxysultaine, sodium coco-sulfate, caprylyl/capryl glucoside, sodium chloride, coco-glucoside, panthenol, EO organic herbal blend [organic aloe barbadensis leaf, organic chamomilla recutita (matricaria) flower extract, organic calendula officinalis flower extract and organic camelia sinensis leaf extract], citric acid, sodium phytate, phenoxyethanol, benzyl alcohol, potassium sorbate, lavandula hybrida oil, tocopherol.

Can I float?

What if I'm claustrophobic?

Unlike many other closed-pod float chambers, our float cabins are like large bathtubs. You are always in control of your environment, and even those with extreme claustrophobia have reported having no problems in our float cabins.

Can I float if I just dyed my hair, spray tanned, or got a new tattoo?

No. New hair dyes and spray tans can seep into the float water, causing it to become contaminated and even ruin our float tubs. Our minimum clean-up fee if you leave anything behind is $500.

If you’ve washed your hair at least three times and the color doesn’t rub off on your towel, you should be all right to float. Leave at least 48 hours between receiving a spray tan and your float to allow everything to settle.

If you’ve gotten a new tattoo within the last 30 days, or your new tattoo hasn’t yet healed, don’t float. The salt can get into the wounded skin and cause painful burning.

Can I float if I have hair extensions or receive keratin treatments?

You can, but we advise against it. Floating is similar to swimming in the ocean; it can weaken the glue on hair extensions and decrease the life of keratin treatments. Silicone clip-in extensions should be OK in the float cabins. We cannot guarantee the safety of your keratin treatment or hair extensions if you choose to float.

Can I float if I'm pregnant?

Absolutely! Many pregnant women love floating, and there’s a special position that can relieve all the weight of the baby off the mother’s body. Regular floating can help relieve the routine aches and pains of pregnancy, making your overall experience more pleasant.

If you’re in your third trimester, have any pregnancy-related complications, or have any other concerns about floating and your pregnancy, consult with your doctor before coming to see us.

Can I float if I'm menstruating?

Yes. Just follow the same protocol you would for a swimming pool.

Can I float if I have eczema or psoriasis?

Yes. The magnesium in the Epsom salt is very soothing and restorative to the skin. Some floaters with these skin conditions report an almost immediate easing of their conditions after floating.


What is your policy on tipping the staff?

Gratuities are appreciated but not expected. Our floatistas take pride in preparing your float suite to ensure it is clean and comfortable for you.

They float on a regular basis and are happy to answer your questions, share their experiences, and provide pointers so you can experience an awesome float.

Do you offer couple's floats?

No. Only one person is allowed per suite. We do have five float suites, and would be happy to help you throw a float party for up to four other people!

Is this only for new-agey hippy types?

Floating has been around for over 50 years. There’s tons of published scientific research supporting the many benefits of floating. Everyone can float and experience the many benefits!

If I fall asleep, can I drown?


Sometimes, people get so relaxed they do fall asleep. However, the super-salinated water supports your weight even if you’re not awake. The worst that could happen is you wake up with a little salt water in your eyes.

Will my skin be all pruney after floating for an hour?

Unlike spending an hour in plain water, the minerals in Epsom salt nourish and restore your skin instead of dehydrating it. Epsom salt has been used for generations for its relaxing, restorative properties for muscles and joints.

What is your return and cancellation policy?

All sales are final. No refunds. Service credit will be deducted for no shows and same day cancellations.

Call us at 301-927-1747 if you have more questions!

Had my first, amazing hydro massage & float yesterday! Words really cannot describe the euphoric, peaceful feeling the experience leaves with you, which I am still feeling almost 24 hours post float! If you haven't tried it, please do and give yourself this amazing gift ~ Very much looking forward to the next time!

Paula F.Facebook

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