What is Flotation Therapy?

Flotation Therapy is a way to heal the mind and body from the constant stresses of daily life. A flotation room is an environment that acts as a counterbalance to every other interaction we have with the world around us. This environment allows our minds and our bodies to focus internally. No longer worried about filtering the outside world to look for potential danger, our production of stress-related hormones drop to almost nothing, our brainwaves lower in frequency to a state associated with mental relaxation and free-thinking, and there is a natural spike in the neurochemical, dopamine, which makes us feel happy.

Floating is less about what you’re doing and more about what you aren’t doing.

You aren’t fighting gravity which relieves pain from your muscles and joints. You aren’t distracted by the outside world which frees your mind.

You feel weightless as you float in body-temperature water, buoyed by 800 pounds of dissolved Epsom salt, as you breathe deeply and let go. All sights and sounds are gone, leaving you alone with your thoughts and the comfort of hearing your own heartbeat. In a very short amount of time, your muscles and your mind unwind, allowing you to enter a state of total relaxation.

During your float, the stress hormones cortisol and adrenaline are suppressed, while feel-good dopamine and endorphins are released. The deep meditative state and suppression of stress responses experienced while floating can even boost creativity and productivity post float.

Guests have reported life changing experiences after just one float. The effects become stronger and longer lasting with frequent floating. This creates a positive spiral of healing and well-being, providing a path and means toward leading a better, more centered life.

The Floating Process

Your float experience will begin as you are welcomed into our facility by one of our friendly, helpful floatistas. If you have not already filled out our online waiver, you will be asked to complete it before using any of the services at our facility.

Once you’re shown to your float suite and have locked the door and turned off your cell phone, you’ll take a quick shower to remove any body oil, perfume/cologne, lotion, or styling products that may be on your skin or hair. We provide organic, fragrance-free shampoo and body wash that was chosen to be the safest for our float cabins and our guests. We provide necessities you may need such as towels, earplugs, makeup removal wipes, cotton swabs, and petroleum jelly to cover any cuts, scrapes, or sensitive areas you may have.

After your shower, step into the float cabin. Hold on to the grab bar to steady yourself. Sit down as if you were entering a bathtub, then lay back, allowing the dense salt water to hold you. Turn off the lights when you are ready and turn on/off the underwater music if you wish. Stretch out and relax, letting the tension flow out of your body. You may fall asleep during your float – That’s OK! The water is so salty that you won’t sink, even if you’re asleep.

If you need to get out for any reason before your float time is up, carefully exit the float cabin and rinse off to remove the salt from your skin and hair.

When your float time is up, the room light will turn on. We thoroughly respect your privacy and will not enter the float cabin unless there is a true emergency. Step out, shower, and get back into your clothes. You can then proceed to our Primp & Grooming Room to dry and style your hair, reapply makeup, and otherwise prepare to go back into the world.

Once you are ready, take some time to relax in our Whisper Lounge. We provide comfortable seating, a variety of tea, and reading material so you can enjoy your post float glow before returning to the daily grind. Exercise your creativity with one of our coloring sheets, or unroll a yoga mat for some post-float stretching. Share your experience with us and others in our float journal – We love reading about your floats!

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Benefits of Floating

Floating has been shown, through scientific studies, to decrease the stress responses in the brain and body and allow increased production of dopamine and endorphins. This increases the healing properties of the body, boosts creativity, and can lead to better sleep in the hours following a float. Floating has many positive benefits, including:

Improved Relaxation Response

The sensory deprivation while in the cabin suppresses the fight-or-flight response and rush of adrenaline produced by the sympathetic nervous system. Instead, the parasympathetic nervous system is activated, triggering relaxation and healing. When the parasympathetic nervous system is activated, physical effects such as decreased blood pressure, decreased muscular tension, and decreased heart rate can be felt.

Pain Management Improvement

Floaters suffering from arthritis, back pain, neck pain, inflammation, bursitis, and other chronic pain conditions have experienced documented relief from their symptoms with frequent floating.

Immune Function Boosting

High levels of cortisol and stress suppress the immune system. When stress is reduced, the natural functions of the body’s systems – including the immune, digestive, and reproductive – can be restored.

Increased Healing and Recovery

Floating increases circulation to the muscles and the extremities. Increased circulation means increased healing capabilities, even for those with chronic conditions. Metabolic byproducts are removed from the system, helping decrease the chances of adrenal fatigue.

Enhanced Meditative Capabilities

Because all sight, sound, and touch is removed while in the float cabin, floaters often report entering a meditative state. Mental stillness creates a heightened state of being – Fully awake but relaxed. This state of full presence of mind increases creativity and awareness, creating a calming, peaceful effect that can last for hours after a float.

Improved Sleep

The state of relaxation created by floating can contribute to a better night’s sleep following a float. In addition, one hour in the cabin provides the rest and restorative properties of up to four hours of deep sleep.

The benefits of flotation therapy are many and varied. Floating isn’t just for “hippies” or meditation practitioners. Everyone can benefit from an hour in the float cabin.