Hey you! Yes, you – the beautiful soul reading this.

I know this world can be very stressful, placing extreme demands on you with thousands of little messages, noises, and notifications flying your way every day.

Sometimes you get so caught up in work or taking care of the people you love that a few weeks go by and you completely forget…

You haven’t taken the time to pause and take care of yourself.

That’s why you are here right now, so I can help remind you:

  1. Remember that when you are calm, you are more kind to everyone around you (including yourself).
  2. Remember that when you feel no pain, you enjoy the day more and it’s less difficult on you.
  3. Remember that when you lower your stress levels your mind and body gets back into better harmony and your immune system is able to work at it’s best.
  4. Remember that when you sleep better and are well rested, you have more energy and a better mood.
  5. Remember that when your mind is clear and focused, you get more done — faster.
  6. Remember that when you take time for yourself, it’s an investment with compounding benefits that are not always obvious, but have a major impact over time.
  7. Remember that when you neglect your health, both physical and mental, the costs add up over time and can affect all aspects of your life.

No matter what your favorite tools or routines are, I encourage you to take the time (or at least take action to schedule it in) right now. You have already taken the first step in being here right now — now it’s time to make the commitment to yourself.

Has it been longer than usual? Maybe you need to double-up on your self care sessions.

If you have tried floating and it’s part of your routine, I invite you back for your next session to feel the post-float glow once again and get back to your best self.

If you’re new to floating, you can learn everything you need to know for your first session here.

I love my experiences at Light Side Floats. I’ve only been twice so far, but I plan to keep going at least once a month. The staff is always friendly. I feel refreshed and rebalances after floating. I recommend everyone should try floating! ❤️❤️

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