One of the main struggles of the holiday season is to know what to give to the people we love, finding something that will stand out and show how much we care for them.

You want something out of the ordinary that won’t end up forgotten and cluttering their home, because let’s face it, we all have way too many things we don’t need already, which can not only take a toll on our mindset, but also be bad for the planet.

The great new is that it’s a science-backed fact that experiences, rather than physical things, increase happiness, as people are more likely to cherish their memories of them, as well as provide them with something to talk about.

But not all experiences are created equal, and each of them serves a different goal, some are meant for pure adrenaline (like skydiving), but we believe that the ones offering a chance at deep relaxation have the upper hand in our stressful times.

For instance, this year has been particularly stressful and difficult for most people and we all too often forget the unparalleled benefits of relaxation and mindfulness in our lives.

The importance of self-care is severely underrated and constantly replaced for the earliest work deadline that we need to rush ourselves into.

Other times, we take care of others and what they ask from us while we neglect taking care of ourselves. It is easy to forget how much we need to slow down in this day and age.

A gift that reminds us of how much our health and sanity matters and deserves to be prioritized can go a long way. A reminder of who we are without all the stress, tension, anxiety and pain can be transformative.

Floating is one of the most unique gifts one can give for this reason, it provides such a wide range of physical and mental benefits unique to the practice, whether it is for melting away all the stress of this hectic season, relieving the pain one feels for sitting too long in front of a computer at work, alleviating the holiday blues, helping you kick the bad habits, improve your workout performance or simply for starting the new year as your best, most calm and resilient self — every session will give you precisely what you need, in a practice that continues to compound its benefits over time.

Had my first, amazing hydro massage & float yesterday! Words really cannot describe the euphoric, peaceful feeling the experience leaves with you, which I am still feeling almost 24 hours post float! If you haven't tried it, please do and give yourself this amazing gift ~ Very much looking forward to the next time!

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Whether is for your best friend that works overtime most days, your sister raising adorable yet chaotic toddlers, your brother who runs marathons, your father that has faced chronic pain for years or your mom that worries too much, surprise them with something that will both delight and alleviate them.

There are few things that compare to a 60 minute vacation completely weightless in a luxurious solution of exfoliating and silky warm waters, cocooned away from the worries of the world in a blissful state that many refer to as being back in the womb, from which one emerges feeling like new.

When was the last time that you gave someone a gift that could change their life for the better, improve their health and have a remarkable story worth talking about, all at once? When was the last time that you did that for yourself?

For a limited time only you can also compliment the gift of serene peacefulness and recovery of floating with other rejuvenating and immune system boosting experiences such as sauna and hydro massage with our special holiday pricing to thank you for all the support and love you’ve had for our center these past 2 years.

If you’re new to floating, you can learn everything you need to know for your first session here.

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