Flotation Therapy

60 Minute Float


Experience the incredible benefits of floating in our standard one hour session. All floats are 60 minutes long.

Intro 3 Pack


Our intro 3 pack is available to new customers to help test the waters and discover the compounding benefits of floating.

New customers only

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Buy one get one free float and sauna pack! Get two 60 minute floats and two sauna sessions for only $109.

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Give a gift card with our buy one get one free float and sauna pack, includes two floats and two saunas for only $109.

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It is highly recommended that you float at least 3 times to adjust to the flotation environment and experience the full benefits of flotation R.E.S.T. therapy. While many people have a great first float, in the long run, your float sessions deepen with repeated experience.

Give the gift of deep relaxation

⭐️ Bulk discounts are available for employers — please contact us for pricing.

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Deepen Your Experience

We offer hydro massage and infrared sauna sessions that you can book before or after your float to enhance and deepen the benefits you receive.

15 Minute Hydro Massage


Perfect before your float to help you hit deeper levels of relaxation!

30 Minute Sauna


Get the scientifically proven health benefits before or after a float!

All sales final. No refunds. Service credit will be deducted for no shows and same day cancellations.

Get compounding benefits and preferred pricing with Float Club!