The 2017 holiday season is upon us, and it’s time to start pulling out your gift lists and checking them twice. Sure, you could buy the latest gadget or that luxe cashmere sweater for your loved one, but how about a gift that will promote wellness once the holiday rush has ended?

At Light Side Floats, we have compiled a list of our 7 favorite gifts for healthy holiday giving this year:


What better way to help your giftee recover from all that holiday stress than with an hour in a float tank or a relaxing 15-minute hydro massage? We offer gift cards for 60- and 90-minute floats, as well as 15-minute hydro massages, so there’s something to fit every budget. This gift is especially great for those who may be on the fence about floating or hydro massage, and a free session can be what gets them hooked!


There are almost as many essential oils as there are benefits to using them. If your loved one has a particular ailment, such as insomnia or frequent upset stomach, do a little research to find out what oil may help alleviate the symptoms. Or, gift a starter kit so he or she can find what works best and even discover new uses for these powerful substances.


Himalayan salt lamps are reported to help with a whole host of conditions, including asthma, difficulty sleeping, and household allergies. The salt in the lamp draws away moisture in the air, improving air quality. Not only do they help keep your home’s air healthier, they also give off a pretty, warm glow that can be relaxing after a long day.


Do you know someone who wants to begin working out, but doesn’t know where to begin? Gifting a few personal training sessions can be a great way to help your loved one get on the road to an active lifestyle with a little professional guidance. Even better: Grab a few sessions for yourself, too, and you’ll have a workout buddy!


Foam rollers are all the rage in the exercise community for loosening tight muscles and easing soreness post-workout. Get one for the fitness buffs in your life so they can enhance their active recovery, or get one for that family member suffering from muscle aches and pains for a little extra at-home relief. Foam rollers come in a variety of sizes and price ranges, making them a great gift for any budget.


For the person who wants to eat healthier but can’t find the time, or for someone already on a wellness journey, meal delivery subscriptions can be a welcome respite from meal-planning. There are a plethora of box subscription companies out there, and many accommodate dietary restrictions such as veganism, allergies, or Paleo. If you can’t afford to give a regular delivery, purchase a couple weeks’ worth of meals and your loved one is sure to thank you for the break.


Proper hydration is important for overall health and wellness, including clear skin, proper organ function, and weight loss. Make getting those 8 glasses per day more fun with a pretty stainless steel tumbler that can travel to work, the gym, or just hang around home. The personalization options are endless, with decals available for everything from monograms to favorite quotes.

Giving the gift of wellness can benefit your loved one far longer than a coffee gift card or piece of jewelry ever could. May the 2017 holiday season be your best, healthiest one yet!

At Light Side Floats, it is our goal to help every person find the best path for his or her wellness journey. Be well.